Acrylic Set 1x28

 1x28  Quick-Pick  !   One click buys a full 1 x 28 ( four cards ) 

Matched Anterior and Posterior molds for a quick way to order.  Matching the Ants & Posts is done for you. 

Once you click on the desired mold, you will see photos of all molds in the set. 

All of the pertinent information is given in the description : 

eg: 1x28 QuicPick Enta Ceram Shade A3 Mold 220-64-312 20*

 brand: Enta Ceram  Shade A3 Mold upper ant 220 - lower ant 64 - posterior 312  20* degree 

While MOST sets have 20* degree posts, there are some sets with 0*, 10* or 30* degree. These are bolded in the description of the specific sets. 


Acrylic - Vitapan - Verident Polychrome Plus