Bladed / Centric Line / Levin / Optiform Lingualized Occlusion

  • Our collection of specialized posterior teeth each designed for increased chewing efficiency for your toughest cases. With this many options you are sure to find a style suitable for your patients needs
  • Offered in a variety of shade ranges across several manufacturers we have curated multiple options for you
  • All of the porcelain teeth in this collection are vacuum fired European porcelain which means a more durable end product 
  • Centric line posteriors are swiss style cutter bar with the raised porcelain ridge on the buccal edge, designed to set up with a mortar and pestle effect into the slightly concave occlusal area of the upper posterior teeth
  • Dr. French posteriors have a similar concept to the Centric Line, though this raised porcelain ridge is situated  on the centre of the lower teeth, with sluiceways built on either side to move masticated material off the tooth surface
  • Levin Bladed are a cross-linked acrylic resin with cast chrome alloys blades - a cross hatch design firmly planted into the upper for an esthetically pleasing yet effective design
  •  M-O Zig-Zag Cutter Bar a time proven design for masticating efficiency with minimum vertical and horizontal stress to the supporting ridges. These posterior teeth feature a thin ribbon of Vitallium® that extends very slightly beyond the occlusal surface of the tooth to penetrate and cut through food with minimal force required.
  • Optiform Lingualized Occlusion teeth in both acrylic and porcelain. These posts offer upper 30° lower 10° for use in a cross bite situation. Lingualized occlusion is  where you would set the upper posterior teeth in a turned-out position (cusps toward the cheeks), so that only the lingual cusps of the maxillary teeth contact the center of the occlusal table of the mandibular posterior teeth. This creates less tipping of lower denture as well as chewing efficiency
  • All teeth are Quality Assurance CE marked Health Canada, FDA certified for your peace of mind

This Collection includes:

Enta Ceram Lingualized Occlusion Optiform porcelain Shades A0 A1 A2 A3 C1

Enta Acryl Lingualized Occlusion Optiform acrylic  Shades A0 A1 A2 A3 C1

M-O Zig Zag cutter bar  Shades Lt / Md

DPS Centric Line porcelain Shades A1 / A2 / B1 & Shades B0 / A3

Linear Blade (Deeley Shades A3

Levin Lingual Bladed Shades 66 65 A3 A3.5